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After many many years of being in business and producing literally thousands of orders, we know that orders which begin well typically finish well. In other words, if you read the information and follow the guidelines supplied here on the website you will greatly reduce the chance of having an error or a delay that will affect your order.

Important Things You Should Know

Terms Of Business

We ask that you read our Terms Of Business in their entirety.

Begin With A Quote

All orders must start as a quotation, because a quotation details the product and pricing in a way that virtually eliminates any chance for confusion and misunderstanding later on in the process. All in all it just makes everything a lot easier, so click here to review our products and generate a quote!


Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, orders are F.O.B. REALTIME in Seattle, WA.


Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, applicable tax is extra and not included on quotations or quoted prices:

Use Our Order Forms

If you are not providing your own company purchase order you must submit the appropriate REALTIME order form for the product you want.

Order Cut-Off Time

Submit your production materials prior to 12:00 (noon) Pacific Time on any regular business day for order processing to begin that same day. Orders received after the 12:00 noon cut-off time will be processed on the next business day.

Required Production Materials

Order Form.
Two copies of your Content Master.
Intellectual Property Release Form (and accompanying proof of licensing if applicable).
Artwork files.

How Long Does An Order Take?

"Standard" production turn-times for products up to 10,000 units are as follows:

Short-Run CD DVD
After you have placed your order allow 1 business day for artwork pre-flight and proofing.
After you have approved your proofs allow 2-3 business days for production of bulk discs or discs in stock sleeves.
After you have approved your proofs allow 5 business days for discs in custom-printed packaging.

Replicated CD DVD
After you have placed your order allow 2 business days for artwork pre-flight and proofing.
After you have approved your proofs allow 5-7 business days for bulk discs or discs in stock sleeves, + 1 day transit to Seattle.
After you have approved your proofs allow 7-10 business days for discs in custom-printed packaging, + 2 days transit to Seattle.

Important: Turn-times are based on regular business days with the production time-line beginning after we receive your written approval of your proofs (a clearly worded approval via e-mail is acceptable).

Proof approval cut-off time is 12:00 (noon) Pacific Time on any regular business day. Proof approvals received after the 12:00 (noon) Pacific Time cut-off deadline are deemed to have been received by the next regular business day.

Is Your Order A Rush Or Deadline?

If you have a "Rush" or "Deadline" date for your order we need to know about it before you place your order so we can review our production schedule to see if we can fit it in. For us to determine if we can accommodate your request we need two vital pieces of information from you:

1. What date will all production materials be in our hands (before 12:00 noon Pacific Time)?
2. What date do you need to have the order in your hands?

If it is determined that we can accommodate a rush/deadline request it is now the sole responsibility of the client to supply all required production materials in proper working order as per the specified date and time, and that proof approvals will be made on-time as instructed by our Pre-Press Department. Failure to do so will jeopardize your ready-by date.

Important: On most "Rush" orders it is imperative that the order has no delays or "holds" of any kind, otherwise the ready-by-date will be jeopardized.

What Is A "Hold"?

If we come upon a problem that prevents us from processing or manufacturing your order we place a "hold" on the order and notify you immediately. Due to the very custom nature of CD manufacturing and the number of different processes involved, a "hold" can be placed on an order for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few examples of common "hold" issues:

1. Missing production materials.
2. Order Forms don't match the quote.
3. IPR Form is not supplied or is incomplete.
4. Artwork is not supplied to our specifications/requirements.
5. Client's master is corrupt.
6. Client has not responded to a request for information/clarification.

Important: Be aware that a "hold" may delay the estimated ready-by date for your order... even if your order is on a "Rush" or "Deadline".

Are Turn-Times Guaranteed?

Every effort will be made to fill orders within the timeline quoted at the outset of the project, however, ready-by-dates (whether written, oral, or implied) are not guaranteed or contractual. Due to the inherent nature of manufacturing custom-made products, unforeseen delays can occur and REALTIME assumes no responsibility for any damages or consequences growing out of, or owing to, any delays.

REALTIME strongly recommends that product related releases, events, travel plans or performances are not booked/scheduled until the product is in the Customer's possession and meets with their approval.

Return Of Your Production Materials

It is not standard policy to return your supplied production materials with your order. If you require the return of these materials you must indicate it at the time of order on your Order Forms. In the event that you request the return of your supplied production materials after your order has left our facility, we will make them available for you to pick up at your expense.

As standard policy we will archive client-supplied production assets for a period of 12 months after the order has been completed, however, we cannot guarantee the safe-keeping of these materials and waive any responsibility for their damage or loss. At the end of the 12 month archiving period REALTIME may dispose of any unclaimed/remaining production assets or materials.

Remember: Never send us your original copies of your production materials - only send us copies of the originals so you always have your own back-ups.

Note: It is not standard policy to release replication stampers or printing films. Should the Customer request that these production related assets be released, REALTIME reserves the right to refuse the return of the assets for additional production work due to the potential of the assets having been damaged while out of our care.

Product Warranty

REALTIME warrants that our products will be free from manufacturing defects outside of industry standards and norms, or the defective products will be repaired or replaced as REALTIME's sole discretion.

Defective product must be reported to REALTIME no later than 14 calendar days after the product has either [A] been received by the client, or [B] reached its shipping destination, or REALTIME will be deemed to be released from any and all liability. REALTIME's liability for defective product is limited solely to product replacement or repair, as the case may be, and shall not extend to any further liabilities whatsoever. The forgoing warranties are exclusive and are in lieu of all other warranties (whether written, oral, or implied) including warranty of merchantability in other respects than expressly set forth above.